Thursday, 23 June 2011

The backchannel - a whole new world of learning.

This was going to be the first post on my blog – but I got carried away when I set up the blog and Twitter Terrors became my first post.

This blog was born on Saturday the 18th of June 2011 the day after I attended #elnil a one day conference in Bristol (UK) from the relative comfort of my home office.

I did not know until that day that I could learn so much following and participating in the Twitter backchannel at a conference without leaving my desk.

I was following the #elnil backchannel where someone was discussing lurkers which of course at that point included me – I decided to make a comment – and that was it other participants @alc47, @niallgavinuk,  @happyhenry & @trainingzone between them asked me a couple of questions and shared that that’s how they started and I was in. 

I followed the back channel all day & made some comments during the twitter chat in the afternoon and thanks to @happyhenry found out about the five moments of learning –it was mentioned in a tweet – I googled it but did not find any relevant results so tweeted the backchannel asking for an explanation & @happyhenry replied with the necessary information for me to make another search resulting in several useful links.

In the space of a few short minutes I had shared my thoughts on lurking – been encouraged by others to contribute and found a whole new world of learning through the backchannel.

The key take away from this experience for me is that although the internet is full of information - it  is the people that you connect to that bring that information to life.

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