Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Twitter Terrors

So here I am relatively new to the world of Twitter and somehow I have managed to amass 25 followers and am following 60 and for the second day in a row - I really have nothing to tweet about and this is something of a concern to me!

Will my followers abandon me just as I get going? 

Do I tweet some random rubbish just to let everyone know I am still here?

In truth I am not sure what I should do but I do not see the point in just posting a random I'm Alive style tweet especially as most of my followers seem to be much more advanced in the world of Tweeting and will probably consider me to be something of a Twit if I let them know what I had for breakfast.

So I will just have to hope that I find something useful and relevant to tweet about tomorrow and trust that my followers will still be with me until I do.

If you have any advice or guidance for this Twitter newbie please post a comment below.

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  1. Hi Steve, I'm Wendy Tagg from 30 ways.

    My view is - don't tweet if you haven't got anything to say but don't be silent for more than a week.

    It is nice to pick up a topic that one of the people you are following has raised. If you mention their twitter name in the tweet, it will appear in their 'mentions' and lets them know that someone is interested in what they have to say. The people with 1,000s of followers won't notice but those with dozens or hundreds will appreciate it.

    My own tweets are pretty random - my account has no professional purpose, it is just personal interest. My advice for a personal account is don't neglect the interesting stuff that is happening around you. You have a unique insight on events that are happening outside your window or enroute. If you mention the town by name, your tweets will appear in searches. If you can add a photo or a link, so much the better. Don't overdo it - you need to keep a balance with the wider issues.

    Any help?