Sunday, 17 July 2011

It really is a small world!

Being something of an early bird I was scanning through the overnight Tweets the other day when I noticed that someone I had been following for a short while had started to follow me back. I decided to take advantage of this to send a message to @ozesteph1992 to thank him for some excellent Screenr tutorials  he has produced that gave me a whole new way of structuring content in Moodle and which in my opinion makes the whole Moodle experience more visually attractive for users.

I sent my thank you tweet and 2 minutes later – had a response from Stephan that led to a short chat in which Stephan generously gave me some additional pointers and offered me the opportunity to discuss the matter further on Skype.

I realise that experienced SoMe users will be used to this but for me it was an amazing example of the power of the Internet and in this particular case Twitter to shrink the world – not only in terms of distance (approximately 10000 miles apart) & time from a 21 hour flight to a couple of minutes but also the opportunity to connect with people anywhere in the world at any time in a very direct way.

Just think for a minute about what this means – everyday people around the world are connecting in this way for the first time & they are having that aha moment as like me they begin to realise the true potential that SoMe tools have to enable communication, empower individuals and enhance learning. 

The key learning point in this for me is that you have to be involved communicating and contributing as well as reading and taking knowledge – until recently I only used the internet to find information reading blogs etc. but that becomes insignificant once you join in, add your own voice to the stream and connect with others.

To be continued…..

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