Sunday, 7 August 2011

My Curation tools - incoming and outgoing.

I have been using curation tools for a few weeks now to keep up with the flow of links & information from within my PLN and thought it may be helpful to share how I use these tools.

I use Siftlinks  to gather links from those I follow on Twitter these are collated into an RSS feed in Google reader which I can then review at a convenient time.

Summify identifies the top five stories from my Twitter network & Google reader feeds via tweets and shares and in my case sends me a daily email (it can also add this to your Twitter feed or send  you a Twitter DM) thereby providing a daily snapshot of what’s most popular from an individuals PLN. 

Paper.Li  gathers links from my Twitter stream (this function is similar to Siftlinks) however it also includes Keyword & hashtag searches. Paper.Li then produces a daily online paper with all the articles (links) it has found from within my Twitter stream and those that match the keywords & #tags from all the conversations on Twitter. The keyword & #tag aspects I find very useful for keeping up with developments in ‘Moodle’ & ‘elearning’. 

Although these tools provide me with a much wider range of information than I could manage by manually searching they do not have the capacity to identify what might actually be of specific interest and benefit to me. 

I review the items on a daily basis to decide what is relevant for me and use to collate these into my own curated topics namely SteveB’s Social Learning Scoop  & SteveB’s Economy Scoops    which I then share via Twitter, Google + & LinkedIn. Some of the links that are not relevant for my own Scoops I pass on as suggestions to other curators.

One of my favourite features of is that it provides a visual representation of the link along with a written description - the visual representation enables me to quickly look through my growing Scoops to identify a particular article that I want to revisit.

An added benefit of my curation tools is that they identify new people to follow therefore expanding my PLN on a regular basis.

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