Saturday, 26 November 2011

Accessing learning in different languages. Am I /Are we missing out?

This morning one of my fellow Scoopers Michel Verstrepen rescooped on of my articles to his scoop gpmt  Naturally curious I visited Michel's scoop to find that he curates a mix of English and French articles. 

I clicked on a couple of the French scoops - one being a slideshare presentation about job search tools  and found that as it was mainly visual I was able to follow the presentation and gain the gist of the message. 

Another was a blog posting about using technology to "increase attendance of students in engineering and their ability to retain information, the provision of a technologically rich learning environment can be beneficial." (I do not speak French and so took advantage of Google translate to be able to read the article.)

This led me to ponder and question how many original ideas circulate the internet in different languages & how many different versions of the same idea and supporting examples circulate in much the same way. I would never have considered reading French & other language postings or linking to them on twitter or scooping them for example without visiting Michel's gpmt scoop.

How much further could original ideas travel without language barriers? 

How much supporting information and research is circulating in different languages?

Having made this connection I can now begin to further develop my PLN by incorporating individuals such as Michel that share in English and other languages and use tools such as Google translate to review and share relevant content on my own scoopit topics.

Is this an original idea in itself? I doubt it however I was prompted to share having viewed the following youtube video Obvious to you, amazing to others although this in fact may be obvious to others and amazing to me.

I wonder how many others already benefit from an extended PLN such as this?


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